Largelabs @RiseUp 2017

Hello everyone !

We’re very happy to announce you that Largelabs will be attending RiseUp Summit 2017 (1, 2 & 3 of December, Greek Campus & AUC Tahrir) ! This event is always a great occasion for us to come and meet you all and share our vision and thoughts about the gaming industry in the Middle East.

This will also be the occasion for Largelabs to showcase some projects. Including…

  • Escape The Office, our ambitious mobile 3D runner, in its very first alpha version. This is the first time we showcase the game ! Come meet us at RiseUp and get your hands on one of the many levels of Largelabs’ future hit ! This is an early trial and we will be happy to collect your feedback and registrations to be part of this adventure, as many other beta versions will be playable before launch, planned in 2018.
  • Largelabs Engine, our powerful set of tools for game development, based on Unity Engine. Escape The Office is an example of what kind of graphics and gameplay we can achieve on a very various range of devices, from the lowest-end Android phones to the cutting edge iPhone X. If you are willing to use the power of gaming to advertise for your brand and engage your consumers in a high-end interactive experience, come tell us about your dreams. We have the tools to help you achieve them on a very wide audience.

More info about RiseUp :

Stay tuned and see you at the event !
Keep it Large,