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The complete localized press kit of Aliens vs Cowmander is a zip archive containing :

  • A brief about Aliens vs Cowmander (PDF)
  • A brief about Largelabs (PDF)
  • Screenshots with localized captions (PNG)
  • Company and game logos (PNG)
  • Promotional art and concepts (PNG)
  • The release trailer (MOV)

Localized press kit (29 mb)

English Français عربى

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Largelabs, based in Villandraut (France) and Cairo (Egypt)

Available now!

  • Google Play Store (Android 4.1 ‘Jelly Bean’ and above)
  • iOS App Store (iPhone and iPad, Universal, iOS 8 and above)

iOS : https://apple.co/2LQ9tXm
Android : https://goo.gl/YPSwWB

They talk about Largelabs…

  • DMC – Ossama Kamal “dmc مساء” (Arabic)

Karim Aboul-Enein (Largelabs), Ahmed Alaa & Amera Ahmed (Cryptyd), Ahmed Bahaa Saleh (independant) were Ossama Kamal’s guests on Egypt’s national channel DMC, to discuss the current state of the Egyptian gaming sector, the challenges it is facing and the promise it holds for the future.


  • RFI – L’Afrique en Marche (French)

Radio France International about Largelabs’ strategy in the Middle-East and the importance of Arabic localization in our games.


  • AfrikaTech (French & English)

AfrikaTech is a media and a platform that promote and helps the African / African diaspora entrepreneurs. This interview is about Largelabs’ strategy in the Middle-East and how it wants to bridge the gap between the French industry and the Egyptian sector.

PDF Briefs

About Largelabs…

English Français عربى

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About Aliens vs Cowmander…

English Français عربى

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Game Category and Some Facts

  • Endless arcade game modes with scoring mechanics
  • Time-attack mode with daily challenges and daily rewards
  • Slingshot action
  • Cartoonish / humoristic
  • 2D / 3D graphics, toon-shading
  • Google Play Games / Game Center connection and account backup
  • Leaderboard, achievements
  • Expert mode (in-app purchase)


Join the Cowmander of the Earth Bovine Defense Forces to protect your cow citizens against an imminent alien invasion!

– Master the Cowmander’s tactical haystack launcher
– Take out the alien vermin with amazing power-ups
– Foil the corrupt plans of the alien’s mothership
– Take out the COWARPATOR, an ancient and powerful alien creature
– Can you survive the apocowlypse of the EXPERT MODE ?

… And dominate the leaderboard!


For centuries, we have been convinced that in the deep cold universe, we were alone and we could graze in peace and harmony. But when the aliens steered a course for Earth, the apocowlypse began…

They traversed our galaxy with one obsession : get some milk, chop some meat and organize the mother of all barbecues! Their barbarity had no limits and they were not willing to negociate…

And then, they took us by surprise… Their first target ? Our beloved country of Villandraut, where the grass is pure and the meat is tender… A massive cow abduction took place all over the country.

Little did they know… The Earth Bovine Defense Forces, led by Cownmander Kiri, unveiled their secret weapon. Retaliation is what he does. And he’s damn good at his job… Let’s send them back to the Milky Way!


Release Trailer



Logos (click to see in full size)



Largelabs Team (click to see in full size)

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Concept Art and Illustrations (click to see in full size)