What is Largelabs?

Largelabs is a French-Egyptian video game studio founded in 2016 by Karim Aboul-Enein and Sebastien Marty, two industry professionals in search of adventure and fun. Since then and until now, the two founders of Largelabs have been driven by one strong idea : fun is a universal value.

Established in Villandraut (Gironde, France) and operating most of its production from Cairo (Egypt), Largelabs claims its multiculturalism by :

  • Contributing to the young ecosystem of independent developers in Egypt
  • Promoting the French touch and expertise in video game development
  • Putting Arabic localization at the center of the creative process
  • Establishing its headquarters in the heart of France, far away from Paris, in the village of Villandraut
  • Enticing French and Egyptian developers and artists to collaborate and create together


Games in Arabic?

Too often, the Arabic language is absent from the App Store and Google Play catalogs, forcing millions of Arabic speakers to play in their second language. Apart from some games that exclusively target the native Arabic speakers, mainstream games usually don’t include Arabic support :

  • Arabic is difficult and expensive to integrate for Western video game studios
  • A lot of Arabic speakers use their phone in their second language (most of the time English or French)
  • The App Store is not available in Arabic and therefore, a lot of Middle-Eastern and North African players are connected to the US store.

Usually, localization is something developers do at the very end of the production process. At Largelabs, all the games are thought in Arabic, French and English from the ground up. Unlike most of the games on both stores, we give our players the possibility to choose their favourite language directly in-game, from the options menu. Particular attention is paid to Arabic, with a universal, fun and clear language register, understable from North Africa to Lebanon and filled with strong cultural references.

Karim & Seb built what became the backbone of this company: a powerful set of tools for Unity Engine, designed to allow the efficient production of optimised, entertaining and up-to-modern-standards mobile games, coupled with a powerful and efficent localization pipeline. With these means, their know-how and all the sweat they have poured in the process, they’re heading towards the consolidation of a multicultural team, both in cairo and in Villandraut.

And they’re doing it the only way possible : by having a lot of fun themselves and keeping it large.